R.A.D.I.A.N.C.E., Inc.’s mission is to develop and empower today’s young women with tangible resources and relentless confidence to pursue their passions and bring their ideas to fruition, through the development of their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. R.A.D.I.A.N.C.E. girls are daring enough to start now, not waiting for time’s permission to be the world’s inspiration.


R.A.D.I.A.N.C.E. is a tailor made mentorship for young women, ages 10-18 who are at the age where they are discovering themselves and beginning to make decisions based off of who they believe they are and what they feel they desire in life. In an effort to support these young women as they matriculate through adolescence and young adulthood, R.A.D.I.A.N.C.E. will provide one-on-one mentoring, entrepreneurial enrichment, platforms for artistic and creative expression, and empowerment sessions that provide vital information on financial success, discovering your purpose, and spiritual development while maintaining mental and emotional health throughout it all.